Thursday, December 2, 2010

#7 - No use for a name

Today I learned how to use the postal service. I wonder if it will be received. I have a concern that mail just gets lost, similar how every time you do the washing you always feel like you are missing at least one pair of socks. I looked at my time table for next year. It actually seems as though I may just have the best time table going. I will just have to see how things go though. I rode my push bike to work, which happened to be in another suburb. The ride to work was a little warm but on the way home it was quite pleasant. There is something very serene about riding in pitch black, only just being able to make out your path, taking your time.

Yesterday I spent a rainy day climbing indoors. I climbed and climbed until I was unable to grip the wall. It is an incredibly satisfying feeling to be so worn out that you can't manage to do one more thing. A day well spent.

I best go to bed before I work myself into the worst sleeping pattern imaginable.

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