Monday, July 11, 2011

#16 - Coming soon

Sometimes you just can't get a smile out of people, the stupid things I've done to get a smile out of a stranger would need more than the hands and toes of my friends and family to count. It's always pleasant, the possibility that you have made someones day a litte more interesting, amusing or just giving them a story to tell.

I was raised to help people where ever and however I can but I am growing a little tired of people people thinking you are weird when you'd give up a jacket for someone that is cold or helping someone for no reason. Since when was it not ok to be kind to people?
I'm having far too much fun to willingly go back to uni next week. Training, sleeping, relaxing and earning enough to get by is something I am growing used to very quickly.

"It's just an observation I can't ignore
That people could smile more" - Newton Faulkner

I really love juggling...just sayin'